Try By K-Benny Ft Benjiszzy Zaakii Mp3


Try, is a love song written from a God, Stating the situation of things in the country, and asking people to stop waiting on gods, supernatural beings, and (God) to sort out issues on their behalf.

The song is a message telling people that they have the power in their hands, all they have to do is, do something about their issues, and make it easier.

It encourages the people not to sit in their houses and throw blames at leaders who are in their separate worlds, but to use what they have to make it right.

Keep up your hustle BUT listen well, TRY!

Try By K-Benny Ft Benjiszzy Zaakii

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  1. Beautiful song! The sky shall be your stepping stone. Best wishes to you.

    Please drop more, back to back! This is your season.

  2. This is simply amazing, when I download it I thought it was one of the regular upcoming, but this is more then just an upcoming. It simply great.

    Keep it up Brotherly.


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