Try By K-Benny ft Benjizzy LYRICS


You think say I no dey love you
you think say I no dey try
to do the things you want me to
you can’t resolve it like that,
what about the herdsmen roaming free
while you’re still standing on your feet
think about the motherless
now look at where you are

I dey try to
Hold you

You dey reason say i heartless
say i no dey cry your tears
say i let the fires burn
and made you feel insecure
but see i tell you, i am not the problem you!
i try to hold you close so dear
but your drifting to their lies
just come right back to your senses cause

I dey try to
Hold you

Make it a little easier
(uoo uooo uooo)
make it a little easier
(make it easier)
You’ve got the power make it easier
(uoo uooo uooo)
make it a little easier
(make it easier)

Brotherman, we gotta Try
We know the journey’s beeen like a million miles
They’ve been telling us lies
Since 1960, we’ve been waiting for the one to save our Land from perishing like John 3:16

Daily our hearts are fixed on the rock of ages
To salvage us from these political savages
Who daily are switching from Bentleys, Benzes to Ranges
And I’m like hold up, is this really what the change is?

Man slaughter, blood spilled across our borders
Our Clouds gloomed with black soot from Oil bonkers
Boy don enter street; runs don carry awaa daughters
Try to ask dem why, they say That’s what the economy taught us

But I’m persuaded to believe that there’s hope for tomorrow
Soon our chains will be broken like Django
And then we’ll find the messiah that will show us light
But make sure you Pick your P-V-C and make it right!

I dey try to
Hold you



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